lunes, enero 25

Arriving parts!!!!

Well, finally the new parts arrived so we began to assemble the engine again!!!
Here you can see a picture of the finished ported heads. They remain with small valves for now, but with the necessary clearence for a good exhaust system.
As I told you before, here is the counterweight crank....its a Scat 69mm 8 doweled pin.

Here you can see the new crank in the case as well as a new stock dished camshaft in order to accept the full flow oil pump. Obviously, we placed new lifters for this camshaft.
First step of assembly. The case is closed with all the required pieces well placed and propperly assembled. You can see the new oil pump with its oil filter.
Here you can see the first piston in place. You can see the 91.95mm marking which indicates its a 92mm bore piston for 1835cc.
The second piston placed with its required teflon caps.
Here you can see the four pistons in place, with the cooling tins in place. I think we have passed the middle right now, and hopefully in a couple of days it should be running!!!!!

miércoles, enero 20

Rebuilding the engine...again!!!!

Hello everybody and a happy new year!!!

Begining this new year, new stuff has to be done to Giallo, for this reason I bought a new 92mm bored piston and cylinder kit in order to give Giallo a 1835cc capacity and increase its power.
With the new pistons, I also bought a new full flow oil pump in order to increase the cooling capability of giallo.
So with the new parts in hand, we began to disassemble the engine looking forward that it didn't meant any big changes due that only the engine case and the heads had to be machined to accept the new big size bore cylinders.
Here you can see the engine's dismanteling process as well as the recently installed lightened flywheel.
Removing the heads....everything fine till now...
Big surprise!!!! Once we opened the engine case, we found out that this case wasn't a dual relief style and it was originaly concieved for a 1300cc engine. Therefore if we installed the new 1835cc kit on this caes for shure we would have a meltdown... :(
Having this problem in hand, I have to found a new engine case. Thankfully I found one that was a double relief case AS41 reference which suited perfect. I then had to have it machined to accept the big bore pistons.
Since I was already changing my case, I decided to go a little bit further, for this reason I decided to buy a new 69mm counterweight cast crank and new main bearing set to fill in my new block. At the moment I'm still waiting for this pieces to arrive reason by which I havn´t been able to assemble my engine again.
In the mid time, I decided to work on my heads...again, reason for which they were bored to the new 92mm diamater and I decided to port and polish a little bit more. Never the less I have the original 35.5mm intake valve and the 32mm exit valve...I think I will have to change this in the future....
For the moment I'm still waiting for my new parts, hopefully I expect to be assembling my engine again in one or two weeks and see how it handles....
Best wishes to all!!!!